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MedAndSpa is a unique combination of individualized skin care programs, effective and corrective skin care products, and innovative procedures. Our belief in the power of human interaction and relationships allows us to enhance our client's beauty and health. Here at MedAndSpa we know the secret of preventing your skin from aging, and we can take years off your face and body.

We create a new standard of being beautiful inside and out.

Oxygen is the most important element required for life. O2 not only enables life, but helps fight off harmful bacteria. Today's lifestyle - with a high level of emotional stress - deceases the level of oxygen in our bodies. In an oxygen-poor environment infections occur more frequently. Our mission is to increase the level of oxygen in your skin and body.

Safety is our top priority!

To ensure a sanitary and comfortable atmosphere at our spa, our staff has completed the Barbicide COVID-19 certification. We pride ourselves in serving you with integrity and safety.

Patients with upcoming appointments, with your cooperation we kindly ask you to:

Please enter/exit our spa by wearing a facial covering
We only allow those who have scheduled appointments to enter the building
Please refrain from bringing young children into our spa (at this time)
We may call you one day prior to your appoint to ask how you are feeling health-wise

If you have questions or concerns about this information, please reach out to the office manager ☎️ (630) 635-6661 or send an email to info@MedAndSpa.com

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